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Add Google Drive files | Fini

1. Click on Add Knowledge

Step 1 screenshot

2. Select Google Drive

Step 2 screenshot

3. Choose your account

Note: Select the account which you want to use to add G-drive files Step 3 screenshot

4. Authorize

Step 4 screenshot

5. Select “Open Google Drive”

Step 5 screenshot

6. Select your files

Note: You can select multiple files in this step. Tip: First go to your Google Drive and put all the files you want to add in a single folder. Then you can press “Cmd+A” to select and add files in that folder

Step 6 screenshot

7. You are done!

Your training is complete when there is a “green dot” in front of the file. This signifies that your file has been read successfully. You can also click on “Preview data” to look at the contents

Step 7 screenshot

8. Add new G-drive files

You can click on Add Knowledge and follow the same process to add new Notion files to your bot

Step 8 screenshot

You can return to the app, your Google Drive setup is complete!