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Add Notion files | Fini

1. Click on Add Knowledge

Step 1 screenshot

2. Select Notion

Note: If your data is in a non-English language, choose “Autodetect” in training preferences at the bottom Step 2 screenshot

3. Authenticate Notion

Step 3 screenshot

4. Select all files in your Notion

Note: At this step, you are not adding files to your bot. You are just selecting all files Fini should have access to in the future. It’s recommended to select all files here so you can add them across bots in your account Step 4 screenshot

5. Add files to the selected bot

Note: In this step you can which file to add to the bot, or you can “Select all” from the top right Step 5 screenshot

6. You are done!

Your training is complete when there is a “green dot” in front of the file. This signifies that your file has been read successfully. You can also click on “Preview data” to look at the contents Step 6 screenshot

7. Adding new Notion files

You can click on Add Knowledge and follow the same process to add new Notion files to your bot Step 7 screenshot

8. Re-authenticate to allow Fini to access more files

Note: Incase you didn’t select all files in Step4, you can always re-authenticate and give access to more files Step 8 screenshot

You can return to the app, your Notion setup is complete!