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Creating a Bot

Go to Fini AI-Setup Tab to create your first bot

Setup | Fini

1. Click on Create New Bot

Step 1 screenshot

2. Name your Bot

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on Knowledgebase source language

We keep English by default but if your knowledgebase is in a different language choose “Autodetect” Step 3 screenshot

Our self-serve product only support publicly hosted html links/ pdfs. If you want to use G-drive/ Notion/ Confluence or any other internal links, please reach out to us at Step 4 screenshot

5. Click on Create Bot

Step 5 screenshot

6. Adjust the prompt for your bot

You can add your prompt in this field. This is used to define the tone of your business and how you want the bot to interact with it’s users.

Sample prompt:

You are Clippy, a helpful customer service agent for X and you are answering questions for X customers. Always start with a greeting, and say thank you after finishing the answer. Be casual, and excited to help your users. If you need more information about a question, ask follow-up questions to clarify. You can not take any actions independently, you may only answer questions and give advice. Do not refer people to any external source, website, or company. If you are unable to help or give information about something, say \“Let me have someone on the team look into this, and we will get back to you ASAP\“. Let’s work this out in a step-by-step way to be sure we have the right answer. Answer as concisely as possible. Step 6 screenshot

7. Choose the knowledge coverage of the bot

You can choose between 2 options

  1. General Knowledge + Knowledgebase -> Bot will use your KB + general internet knowledge to answer questions

  2. Knowledgebase only -> Bot will use only your KB to answer questions Step 7 screenshot

8. Choose Chat Language

Step 8 screenshot

Step 9 screenshot

Step 10 screenshot