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Deploy on Zendesk | Fini

1. Click on Deploy

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on Authorize

Step 1 screenshot

3. Add your Subdomain

Step 2 screenshot

4. Add your AccountID

Step 3 screenshot

5. Proceed to the next step

Step 4 screenshot

6. Choose Email configuration

This screen allows you to configure your Zendesk email ticket responses

Step 5 screenshot

7. Select the bot you want to deploy

Step 6 screenshot

8. Choose reply type

We allow you to reply in 2 different ways:

  1. Direct replies i.e. direct responses to customers
  2. Internal comments i.e. creating internal comments for agents

Step 7 screenshot

9 Click on Set a time delay when responding (e.g. 5 sec)

Step 8 screenshot

10 PII masking for data anonymity

If you choose to mask the PII we will mask all PII data, and not read/store any PII and also not send them to our ML models/ OpenAI.

Step 9 screenshot

11. Internal Comments Configuration

Through this configuration you can chose to create internal comments for certain scenarios even when you are creating direct replies for customers

Step 10 screenshot

11.1 No. of direct replies before switching to internal comment

Step 11 screenshot

11.2 Creating internal comments if agent is assigned

Step 12 screenshot

12. Authorize Email setup

Step 13 screenshot

13. Complete Zendesk Auth

Step 9 screenshot

14. Enable Categorization

After you have authorized you can chose to enable categorization for all incoming tickets. Note that the “Category” field should be Multi-select Step 14 screenshot

You can return to the app, your Zendesk setup is complete!